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Special Offer - as in FREE!

Applies to non-commercial use. I don't currently have a fixed commercial rate (to many variables); you can get some insight into my other fee schedules on my Services page.

I've been involved in photography off and on for over thirty years as an amateur. It's time for me to take my photography to the next level.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - almost

If you choose to have me take photos for you, all you have to lose is your preparation and time.
Sorry, I reserve the right to decline photography requests without explanation. Locations: I'm not one for driving across town (especially at the rates I charge). Locations I'm generally available for: central downtown Denver and the Thornton, Northglenn areas.

This is how my Special Offer works:

But, isn't there something wrong with this picture?

Your struggling photographer has spent money on equipment; spent years practicing his trade; spent time photographing you or your subject(s) and spent many hours editing and posting your images .... for what?

Well, maybe I'll get nothing in return for my efforts; you may download the smaller resolution images and decide that's all you want.

But, I'm willing to gamble that you will value what I've done enough to order full sized (high resolution) image files of your favorites - at $10 each (First 10 for $10 each; second 10 for $8 each; $4 each after that.).

Pretty easy to order full size high rez images:

Shop Around. I've never seen a value like this anywhere (and I've looked closely at the competition. Normally you will pay money up front (sitting fee, etc)- in addition to numerous other fees - whether you are satisfied with the photos or not. Compare that to my offer: Pay if you want them - don't pay if you don't (and you still come away with those low-rez images - FREE). This is virtually No Money Down - Nothing to Lose. Take advantage while the offer lasts.


Payment is available online; either by credit card or a PayPal account. PayPal is the interface used regardless of the method you choose. A PayPal account is not required if you pay by credit card.

As you initiate the transaction PayPal may prompt you for your PayPal account, but you should also see an option to pay by credit card - without a PayPal account. You do not have to log into a Paypal account. If you pay via your credit card thru PayPal's interface you have the added security provided to you by your credit card company.

Click on the PayPal Buy Now button to submit your payment: buy button

The payment button above will take you to a payment site via an encrypted route. Once you have completed your transaction you will be returned to this page. If you have any difficulties at all with this process, please contact me:

Please contact me if you want to use my services for other than personal / portfolio use (ex: advertising, corporate, illustration, editorial, etc)

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